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Relaxing massage

Promotes blood and lymph flow with strong stimulation,

It heals the tiredness of the body as well as the tiredness of the nerves.

What is a relaxing massage "special course"?

Aroma Relax Massage is characterized by a stronger stimulus than Southeast Asian relaxation, and it feels like the palm of your hand is being massaged with the help of oil rather than slipping on the skin.

A strong stimulus promotes the flow of blood and lymph, and heals nerve fatigue as well as body fatigue.

And since the components of aroma oil also penetrate through the skin, it also moisturizes the skin.

<< Those who cannot receive a relaxing massage >>

・ High fever ・ Injury during treatment ・ Infectious skin disease and legally infectious disease ・ Cancer ・ Drunk ・ Crack or fracture (3 months after complete healing) After the above, it is possible)
・ Inflammation such as swelling and pain in joints ・ Within 30 minutes after eating ・ Stopped by doctor


Relaxing massage using Thai Jaidy store

Currently, we are preparing Thai herb organic base oil (carrier oil).

All are vegetable oils that are less irritating to the skin and are almost odorless.

Therefore, people who come to the store between work or have family members can receive an oil massage without worrying about the smell.

In addition to the base oil, we also have several types of aroma oil (relaxation oil), so if you are interested in aroma oil, please feel free to contact us.

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