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Air purifiers, humidifiers, aroma mists, etc. in the store ...


・ Commitment to the treatment room ・

The Thai Jaidy main store uses a large one-floor space, so you can relax in a sense of openness.
The room is completely private and you can enjoy your own private space.
We also have a double room for couples, couples, friends and other guests with two people.
The room is equipped with Bincho charcoal, which also has a purifying effect.


・ Commitment to the in-store environment ・

With a lot of foliage plants and pleasant music and natural aroma scents, you can feel the eternal passage of time in Thailand and forget that you are in Japan.
We always keep the air in the store clean with air purifiers, humidifiers, aroma mists, etc.
Please refrain from using mobile phones in the store.
In addition, smoking is prohibited to clean the air.


・ Commitment to drink service ・

Authentic Thai traditional massage in Ueno / Okachimachi Thai Jidi drink service     After the massage, we offer a service tea to promote the discharge of waste products.

"Jasmine tea" Improves gastrointestinal function, is effective in detoxifying alcohol and relaxing action "Louis bostee" Rich in minerals, removes active oxygen, is effective in preventing aging, etc. "Ukon tea" Active liver function To! Recommended for those who often drink alcohol


■ We prepare one kind of drink according to the season every month.
■ Commitment to various services ■ Footbath… Before the treatment, you will be asked to take a footbath with lemongrass aroma.
The refreshing scent of lemongrass will rejuvenate your tired mind.

■ Magny hot bath… Included in sole course, Thai jaidy course, etc.
It can be attached to all courses as an option.
It has effects such as cell activation, skin moisturizing, and antioxidant effects, and you can enjoy deep relaxation by warming your feet sufficiently with a Magny warm bath.

■ Smartphone charging service: We have a charging code for iphone, Android, etc. If you wish, please feel free to tell us at the reception. However, it may not be applicable to the model.


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