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[Thai Jidi] is a Thai massage shop for relaxation. Shiatsu and oil massage hospitality is like a hideaway

It will be done in a completely private room. It is a healing place where you can relax your body and mind. At our shop, we do not perform treatments for the purpose of medical treatment. In addition, please understand that it is not a shop that provides sexual services.


Those under the age of 18

Those who are forced to act sexually against the therapist

Those who are using drugs, etc.

Those who are forced to sexually act, abuse or violence against staff

Pulling out, peers, drunk people, drunk people

Those with venereal diseases or those who receive it

Acts such as shooting with various camera devices or voyeurism / eavesdropping

Those who are related to gangsters or those who are equivalent to them, those who have tattoos, etc.

Customers who fall under the above may be asked to leave the store without refund.

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